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Making healthcare accessible by farmers.

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The Need

    Obstacles in obtaining affordable healthcare have important implications for a farmer’s productivity and economic well-being.

    A patient who does not have sufficient access to curative care is more likely to become disabled or experience other morbidities, and deaths in some cases.

    A patient who does not have access to affordable preventive care is less likely to have serious illnesses detected or cured at an early stage.

    In turn, health problems can lead to significant losses in an individual’s productivity and economic well-being

    Several studies have been documented and have shown this relationship in different populations.

    From our research we have noted that the two key barriers to accessibility of health care by these farmers are location and affordability and these we have addressed with the Farmers Healthcare Scheme.

Farmers Health Scheme

    The farmers healthcare scheme is a special healthcare scheme developed by Gerocare leveraging our proprietary remote medical consultation solution called MEDRA (Medicare for Rural Areas) to set up Tele-Clinics.

    It is characterised by a community of small holder farmers either as individuals, as part of a farming community, as beneficiaries of Agritech start-ups or government programs like NIRSAL who pool funds together to offset cost of healthcare.

    Membership premiums are often a flat rate and independent of individual health risks and benefits are restricted to only members.

How it works

farmers scheme


Number of Farmers Medical Consultation only Medical Consultation +
Prescribed Medication
10,000 - 50,000 ₦5,000.00 ₦8,000.00
51,000 - 100,000 ₦3,500.00 ₦5,000.00
>100,000 ₦1,500.00 ₦3,000.00
Benefits Duration Limit
Medical Consultation for primary healthcare 12 Months No Cap for medical consultation
Medical consultation for primary healthcare
+ Prescribed medication
₦100,000.00 cap for medication