MEDRA Tele health Box Medicare for Rural Areas

A proprietary solar powered teleconsultation device that works with or without internet connection providing access to medical doctors as chat, voice calls or video calls.


Solar Powered

A solar powered teleconsultation device that works with or without internet connection providing access to medical doctors as chat, voice calls or video calls.

Remote Access

With the MEDRA Telehealth box people in rural areas no matter how remote they are can have access to one of our doctors to cater for their healthcare needs

Access to Doctors via chat, voice/video calls.

We set up Tele Clinics and access to medical consultations thereby ensuring universal access to healthcare and taking a giant leap towards achieving SDG 3



Patient Arrival

Patient arrives at the Tele Clinic and sits in front of MTB (Medra Telehealth Box)


Admin takes vital signs

Administrator takes patients’ blood pressure, pulse and temperature


Patient-Doctor Connection

Administrator confirms from patient how he would like to interact with the doctor: Chat, voice call and in areas where there is internet access video calls


Chat Teleconsultation

Admin sends a message to the doctor with vital signs that have been collected and commences a chat consultation with the doctor either directly with the patient if he/she is literate enough to type by themselves or through the Admin. who also doubles as a translator if needed.


Video/Voice Call

Admin initiates call to doctor and introduces the patient and states the patients vital signs – pulse, blood pressure & temperature. Patient commence consultation with doctor via voice/video call and if a translator is needed, Admin serves as a translator



A diagnosis is made and the prescription sent to both patient and partner chemist as a text in that location where the patient can purchase medication

Things to Note

  • During the patients first visit the doctor creates and online file for the patient using the GeroCare software such that when next the patient comes he/she has a file on record and the doctor can view the patient’s history.
  • During consultation the doctor enters patient history, examination finding, diagnosis and recommendations into the patients online file.
  • During deployment of the box and set up of the Tele Clinic partnerships would be entered into with the most dependable chemist in that location and support would be provided to ensure a supply of authentic and affordable medication through our pharmacy network.
  • Administrators and the location of the tele clinic would be provided by the community

Deployment Options


    For just $10,000 we would set up a tele clinic and provide free access to medical care for one rural community on your behalf.

    One time payment of $5000 
    Post Paid Model: A bill is provided to the sponsor at the end of the month for usage during that month
    Out-of-Pocket – Patients pay out of pocket for each consultation
    Subsidy model – An access fee is paid which subsidizes payments that needs to be made by patients and so patients pay a stipend for consultation to prevent abuse of the system.

    Ogheye community has been adopted by VECTIS BUSINESS SOLUTION — view the launch of the Tele Clinic in Ogheye Community. If interested in adopting a community or assessing the farmers healthcare scheme for your farmers please send us a mail at [email protected]


    Characterised by a community of small holder farmers either as individuals, as part of a farming community, as beneficiaries of Agritech start-ups or government programs like who pool funds together to offset cost of healthcare.   Membership premiums are often a flat rate and independent of individual health risks and benefits are restricted to only members >> learn more